Statement on Gaza

Statement of the WFSW on Gaza

For two weeks now, thousands of raids by air, land and sea have sown daily panic in Gaza and have killed more than 1000 persons (as of July 27th, 2014),mostly civilians, particularly women and children. The suffering inflicted on the population of Gaza is intolerable. This is added to the virtual imprisonment of a million and half human beings during 8 years of blockade.

The government of Israel continues and even intensifies its colonization of the West Bank and Jerusalem, thus making the possibility of a pacific solution and the creation of a Palestinian State (in accordance with the UN resolutions) even more remote.


In many countries of the world, confusion is intentionally spread: thus, condemning Israeli army’s actions could be anti-Semitism! On the contrary, it is to achieve a real, fair and sustainable peace, beneficial to all the communities involved, that thousands of organizations – with which we join – call for a cease-fire and the search for a negotiated solution.

The use of increasingly more advanced scientific and technical means (in particular armed drones and the guidance of projectiles) will not bring the safety that the people hope for, neither in Israel nor in Palestine. Moreover it could contribute to reinforcing hostility to scientific research, hostility which is gaining ground in public opinion.

For the time being, theWFSW condemns the blind bombing of defenceless people and joins the many calls for a halt to the Israel military campaign in Gaza. It urges the UN to carry out all diplomatic and military means to protect civilians. Further, the community of scientists we represent maintains that the inevitable path to real and sustainable peace in Palestine comes through recognition of the rights of the Palestinians to a free and independent home, in coexistence and on equal footing with Israel, within safe, secure and internationally recognized borders.

Paris, July 27th, 2014