Condemnation of the series of attacks perpetrated by Daesh :  Solidarity and Lucidity

 The WFSW condemns the horrible attacks, the veritable massacres for which the ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also called “Daesh”) has claimed credit. In a few weeks, from Ankara to Paris, as well as Sharm-el-Sheik and Beirut, victims number in the hundreds.

 The WFSW shares the emotion that has swept the entire planet. This emotion and this condemnation must generate solidarity and reflection. We present our condolences to the families and to those close to all the victims, Kurdish and Turkish pacifists as well as Parisians, along with Russian tourists and the inhabitants of Bourj El-Baraneh in Beirut.

We refuse the climate of fear, division, and the false solutions like those that lead to less democracy and to more police state measures. Such solutions would in fact be a success for the leaders of the ISIL.

 As the representative of associations, NGOs, and trade unions in the field of scientific research, the WFSW calls upon the populations to overcome their emotion, to inform themselves truly, and to reflect collectively so as to influence political decision-makers. What are the facts?  What are the causes? What are the sustainable solutions?

 These attacks were decided upon by known leaders, who dominate a known territory, with known financial resources. Their power was established on the ruins of interventions carried out by Western nations. But no cause can justify this barbarity. Their religious justifications are only pretexts. The attacks in Paris were carried out by disoriented and indoctrinated young persons.

 We have several certainties: to eliminate the ISIL from the Middle East it will not suffice to send in bombers and other of the most sophisticated flying objects. Peace can come only from a political and military solution under the auspices of the United Nations, a solution including the peoples of the region and guaranteeing them the resources which they need to live, the freedom of thought as well as the freedom to choose their way of life. Young people will not fall into intellectual and personal suicide if they live in a less violent society for them and if they have access to knowledge, in particular to critical knowledge.

 There is no peace or security without justice or truth.

Paris, November 20, 2015