Freedom of Travel for Russian Scientists

World Federation of Scientific Workers’ Statement

Russian scientists have recently experienced growing difficulties in obtaining visas to the countries of the European Community and at a dramatic level for the United States of America. These difficulties, caused by the diplomatic tensions between these countries with the Russian Federation, are sometimes more important than during Cold War.

The World Federation of Scientific Workers (WFSW) protests against these restrictions on the circulation of scientists, scientific exchanges and collaborations.

As UNESCO has just recalled in November 2017 in its Recommendation concerning science and scientific researchers (paragraph 31st ―Participation in the international scientific and technological community),

“Member States should actively promote the interplay of ideas and information among scientific researchers throughout the world, which is vital to the healthy development of the sciences; and to this end, should take all measures necessary to ensure that scientific researchers are enabled, throughout their careers, to participate in international scientific and technological community. Member States should facilitate this travel in and out of their territory.”

The WFSW urges the European Commission and the governments concerned, including that of the USA, to promote the free movement of scientists by facilitating procedures and shortening the time for issuing visas.

May 11, 2018